Class Minutes



The meeting began with a two minutes silence for Owners who had past away in the previous twelve months and, in particular, Tom Gentle who had been involved in a fatal accident at NBYC.

  1. Apologies: The Secretary read the names of 23 Owners who has sent their apologies.

 Minutes of Meeting held: November 29th, 2014

These had been circulated to all Owners prior to the meeting and were agreed and signed.

 Matters Arising:None.

 Captains Report 2015:

This season has seen me on the water for more races than in recent years and I know those helms higher up the fleet have appreciated me being there. This new found freedom has given me the opportunity to sail at NPC and Horning this year as well as returning to sailing the Three Rivers Race (for the first time in Iris) after a very long break.

At the moment, the Class has one YBOD in build, and the mould has been returned to its container at NBYC.

During the winter months many of us focus on the maintenance of our boats, but there is time for a bit of social activity. The Class Is hoping to arrange three winter walks based upon Horning, Barton and Wroxham and the details of these will be sent to you nearer the time via e mail.

A date for our diaries is 3rd January 2016, the annual lunch time drinks at a local pub yet to be selected but, again, watch out for an e mail. This will give us a chance to review the previous year’s sailing successes and to plan, with your crew, the coming year’s activity. Maybe, plan to visit another club for an open event.

The Class has a good reputation for good quality racing, but there is always the chance for us to improve our sailing skills. So I’m pleased that Chis Bunn and Ian Tims have offered to help in a training day for the Class. The plan is to meet on a Saturday and, in the morning, to have sessions on tuning the boat and sails and work on the interaction between crew and helm. In the afternoon practice starts and racing will be videoed using a drone, followed by feedback from our experts. We are awaiting the NSBA meeting before fixing the date but I would expect it to take place in May.

I plan to have meetings with the local Fleet reps this coming year. One of the aims is to find ways to make it easier for helms and crew to get together and partner up. I feel that some White Boats are not getting out on the water because helms have difficulty with getting regular crew.

In the past the YBOD Fleets have lead the way with arranging Open Days and other opportunities to introduce new sailors and existing sailors to our great boats. I see this is an opportunity to invite sail training attendees onto a White Boat and thus increase the number of helms and crews. This will not only give other sailors the chance to get familiar with the White Boat but should re-energise existing YBOD members in getting out on the water.

Heather has offered to set up a Facebook page for the Class and this will in addition to the current web site.

During 2016 I would like us all to help introduce new and existing sailors to the White Boat and the joys of sailing on the Broads.

Malcolm Kemp,

Class Captain 2015

  1. Accounts:

The 2015 season had not seen the need for any major expenditure by the Class so the accounts were relatively straight forward. The bank accounts had accrued £22 in interest which, in the current economic climate, was encouraging. The Class once again had been in receipt of “royalties” from sails sold by Jeckells and were grateful to them for continuing this

Future expenditure would be mainly around maintenance of the Class container where the moulds are stored. In answer to a question about the likely cost of any replacement moulds the Treasurer expected this to be probably around £10 to £12K but as the existing moulds are stored and handled very carefully this expense was not envisaged as being likely for many years to come.

Swallowtail boatyard still had one set of mouldings which, when sold, the Class would have to pay the scrutineering fee of £300 as Swallowtail had paid the £1K mould fee part of which was to cover the scrutineering.

Whilst accepting that the Class subscription of £10 per boat was entirely voluntary, the Treasurer hoped that there could be an increase from the current 88 out of 140 boats paying during the next year. The Secretary had a list if any Owners present wished to check if they were paying.

Adoption of the accounts:         Proposed by S Daniels                         Seconded by: C Shallcross

Agreed unanimously

 Nominations for Election to the Class Committee 2016:

The Class Captain thanked Jim Gunn who was standing down from the Committee as Weighing Scrutineer for his many years of valuable technical advice.

Captain:                       Malcolm Kemp

Secretary:                     Heather Evans

Committee:                   Simon Daniels

David Talbot,

Phil Ollier,

Geoff Evans,

Clive Gardner

Paul Barker

Scrutineers:                  Maynard Watson, Chris Bunn, Peter Hawes (weighing)

Sail Measurer:               Phil Ollier

Sailmaker:                    Jeckells Sails

All the above were proposed, seconded and voted for unanimously.

There was some debate about how the sails were made and subsequently measured and queries as to why not every sail is measured. These points were covered by Phil Ollier, Sail Measurer and Clive Gardener explained the legal position regarding Jeckells ownership of the sail patterns.

  1. Broadland Regatta:

The proposal for holding a YBOD Broadland Regatta had been put to the Class Committee by Paul Barker and was then discussed with the Fleet Reps at a subsequent meeting. It had found favour with all but the details would need careful planning. It was agreed that only those paying Class Subs, ie “members” would be eligible. The idea was for the regatta to move around Broadland clubs that have YBOD fleets and suitable water to host it. There was discussion indicating concern that it would just be another trophy for the top helms and how it might be run more equitable. It was agreed that the Class Committee would formulate the sailing instructions taking into account these concerns and the views expressed at the meeting.

  1. Meeting closed at 20.20
  2. AOB: (items brought up here will not have been before all Owners prior to the meeting so can only be considered.)

Chris Shallcross asked the Class Committee to consider allowing furling gear for jibs. He felt this would be a great assistance and that Ernest Wood would not have objected had this technology been available when he was alive.

Geoff Evans was concerned that there were still a number of boats for sale and recommended that Fleets consider inviting their members and visitors to a “Try a White Boat” session as the Class needs to pro-actively push the YBODs versatility etc.

The Secretary reminded those present of the Class Social at the New Inn, Horning, 12 noon Sunday January 3rd and hoped to see all of them there. She also hoped that few more social events might happen through the year.


Yare & Bure One Design Class        
Year to 30 September 2015        
Accounts Summary        
  2015     2014
  £ £   £
Regular Income        
Subscriptions 880.00     900.00
Interest 22.32     19.79
  902.32 919.79
Mould Project        
Build fees (142)     1,000.00
Sail Royalties – Jeckells 280.00     420.00
  280.00 1,420.00
TOTAL INCOME 1,182.32 2,339.79


Regular Expenditure        
Newsletter, Postage & Stationery     49.14
Insurance 158.34     158.34
Socials / entertainment 87.00     50.00
Greenbook entry 68.00     68.00
Advertising 198.00     160.00
Load Cell calibration / repair 64.20     48.00
  575.54 533.48
Mould Project        
Scrutineering fees (No. 141) 300.00     600.00
  300.00 600.00
TOTAL EXPENDITURE 875.54 1,133.48

Net Income / (Expenditure)





Funds brought forward 12,965.51 11,759.20
Funds carried forward 13,272.29 12,965.51

Bank Balances

Mould acc 11,265.86 10,963.54
current acc 2,006.43 2,001.97
  13,272.29 12,965.51