Class Minutes




  1. Apologies: The Secretary read the names of 20 Owners who has sent their apologies. A two minute silence was held to mark the passing of Mr Hugh Ferrier, who was a friend of many present, had owned YBODs for a long time and was also a NBYC Trustee.
  2. Minutes of the AGM held on 24.11.17:

These had been circulated to all Owners prior to the meeting and were agreed and signed.

3.Matters Arising from 2016 AGM Mins:

The Construction drawings were still in the draft phase.

4.Captain’s Report 2018:
As is often the case the season seem to have come and gone too quickly, but I have had chance to sail at more than one Club.
Broads Area Trophy was launched this year and there were qualifying races held at NBYC, NPC, Horning SC & EACC.  I hope this will encourage boats to visit other clubs for open meetings and if successful the number of qualifying events could be increased in future years. The entry is by boat rather than helm.
Even with the power of email, we have had several YBOD committee meetings, so I must say thank you to each of the members of the Committee for all the hard work that has been put in to this year.
As always, the load falls largely onto the shoulders of the Secretary and also the Scrutineers. So, I say, thank you to them for their endeavours. Also, thank you to Snowflakes for hosting this AGM this evening.
Competition is a kind of partnership in which opponents (often friends) push each other to achieve excellence.  Each boat agrees to abide by the Rules of the sport and play to the utmost of their ability.
I don’t like to be controversial in the Captain’s Report, but it has become clear to me that the Class Rules, as they stand, are close to unenforceable.  The Rules lack clarity and It relies on the good will of Class members to do the right thing in the spirt of fair competition. If anyone with legal mind and/or clear thinking would offer to help improve the Rules, I’m sure the Class Committee would welcome the help. So, I ask you all to support and help the Scrutineers and the Class Captain when they have the task of reminding anyone about a Class Rule.
Membership. If any of your Clubs have Open Day events to encourage new membership, can I please ask you to get involve, as this is a possible rich source of new crew and future helms for our Class.         Malcolm Kemp

  1. 2018 Accounts: See separate sheet.

David Talbot explained these in particular that the Class still had to pay the Scrutineer for carrying out this task on the newest YBOD 143.  Also that the YBOD 110th celebrations had been very successful. He offered to answer questions but there were none.

These were proposed by Mark Easton, seconded John Clabburn and passed unanimously.


6.Class Committee Proposed Rule Changes:

Proposed changes / additions are written in red.

Discussion, then vote and if agreed these changes will apply to all existing boats within the Class whether GRP or Wooden.


Proposal 1


2.1        The Committee including the Officers shall (subject to Rule 2.7) be elected annually by show of hands at a general meeting of YBOD owners to be convened by the Committee and held between 1st October and 31st November in each calendar year on not less than 14 days written notice to all owners.  Owners seeking election to the Committee shall be nominated by the Committee or (if not nominated by the Committee) shall give the Class Secretary written notice of their intention to seek election not less than 28 days prior to the Annual General Meeting on or before the 14th of September in the relevant year.


This proposal was CARRIED by a unanimous show of hands.




Proposal 2


Clarification of Definition of Complete Hull Weight:


  “Complete Hull” Means a complete YBOD but fitted with only the following items:




Rudder and Tiller

Bowsprit and Bobstay

Cockpit floor boards (6 items)

Floor boards forward of tabernacle (2 items)

Forepeak Hatch cover

Aft Compartment cover

Tabernacle bulkhead hatch covers (P & S, 2 items)

Seat Shelves (P & S, 2 items)

Shelves forward of the Seats (P & S, 2 items)




            Proposal 2 was amended by Paul Carrington, seconded by Paul Dennis to include Seats, Keelson (hog plank) and vertical boards in front of the mast.


Proposal 2, including the Carrington/Dennis amendment was voted on using ballot papers and was CARRIED.



Proposal 3


Introduction of the term “Racing Weight” and its definition:


  Racing Weight Means the weight of a YBOD in a ready to sail and race condition (see Appendices A – D), including all spars, sails, rigging (standing and running), equipment and fittings, shelves and hatch covers but excluding crew and their personal equipment or any other equipment not specifically required to race or sail a YBOD.


Specifically included:




Bowsprit, bobstay with fittings

Sails, including lacing and shackles

Sheets (main and jib) including blocks

Cockpit floorboards (6 items)

Forepeak hatch cover

Aft compartment cover

Rigging (standard and running)


Tiller and securing nut

Seat shelves (P & S, 2 items)

Jib Stick


Where the specific requirements of individual items are to be consistent with those set out in Appendices A – E.



            A long and protracted discussion followed with several amendments discussed.


Chris Dunster, seconded by Simon Goodman, tabled that Proposal 3 was amended to read:


“Racing Weight” – Means the weight of a Complete Hull, together with Mast, Boom, Gaff, Sails including lacing and shackles, sheets main and jib including blocks, Rigging (standing and running), Jib stick.


This Dunster / Goodman amendment was put to a show of hands and was not supported.


Proposal 3, as presented and without amendment, was put to paper ballot and was CARRIED.


Proposal 4:


Specification of hull weights for Wood and GRP YBODs


4.13      Wooden YBOD weights:


4.13.1   The Complete Hull weight of a wooden YBOD shall not be less than 585 kg. provided always that this Rule will not apply to a YBOD built before 31st December 2003.


4.13.2   The Racing weight of a wooden YBOD shall not be less than 650 kg


4.16      GRP YBOD weights:


4.16.2   The Complete Hull weight of a GRP YBOD shall not be less than 600 kg. provided always that (unless Rule 4.17 is applied) this Rule 4.16.2 will not apply to a YBOD built before 31st December 2003.


4.16.3   The Racing weight of a GRP YBOD shall not be less than 665 kg.



Once again there was much debate and after a thorough airing the Class Captain called for the vote to be taken by paper ballot.


Proposal 4 was not supported.



  1. Nominations for Election to the Class Committee 2018:


Captain:                       Malcolm Kemp

Secretary:                     Heather Evans

Committee:                   David Talbot      nomination withdrawn

                                    Geoff Evans

                                    Clive Gardner

                                    Paul Watson

                                    Paul Barker       nomination withdrawn

                                    Mark Easton     nomination withdrawn

Scrutineers:                  Maynard Watson

                                    Chris Bunn       

Sail Measurer:              Peter Hawes

Sailmaker:                    Jeckells

Those standing were voted in unanimously.

The Captain thanked those members of the Class Committee who had decided not to stand, in particular David Talbot who had acted as Treasurer and had been a committee member for the past 16 years.  He hoped that Owners would come forward to fill these three places.

  1. Meeting closed:
  2. Opportunity to discuss AOB: (items brought up here will not have been before all Owners prior to the meeting so can only be considered.)

The Class Captain gave the background to the new Broads Area Yare and Bure Championship which had been devised by Paul Barker in the hope of getting more Owners to travel to clubs other than their own and so develop more camaraderie.  The trophy has been donated by Mike and Anne Evans and was now mounted on a splendid wooden plinth thanks to Maynard Watson and Anthony Landamore.  This year it was won and presented at the AGM to Chris Bunn, crewed by Niki Tansley.


Anthony Landamore asked that, despite the results of these ballots, that the Committee continue to collect as much useful data of boat weights as possible. 


Clive Gardner called for a total revision of the Class Rules and Sally Dugdale agreeing with this stated that the RYA Technical Dept has helped with the revision of the Topper Class rules.


The Class Secretary informed the meeting that the normal New Years drinks would be on Sunday January 6th at Wayford Bridge Hotel from 1200 to 1400.



The meeting closed at 2125.