Class Minutes




 1. Apologies: The Secretary read the names of 17 Owners who has sent their apologies. The Class Captain spoke of Mr Brian Bush who, after over 60 years ownership of YBOD 47 Pamphilia, had sold his boat.

2. Minutes of the AGM held on 20.11.16:

These had been circulated to all Owners prior to the meeting and were agreed and signed.

3.Matters Arising from 2016 AGM Mins:


4.Captain’s Report 2017:

If it’s possible, I have been on holiday too much this year and, as a consequence, have missed too many races and events.  I will have to do better next year.

The Committee has been particularly busy during the last twelve months and I want to thank them for all the work they have put into supporting the Class.  One of the projects will be a report to be given at the AGM on 24th Nov at NBYC regarding additional weighing of Class boats during 2017.  This information will be consolidated with historical data.  It will focus on the all up weight of boats on the start line and I hope will be of interest to the Class.

The Class has many well-maintained boats, but the Committee wish to improve the support given to boat builders and White Boat owners when they are doing major rebuilds.  At present, the scrutineering not only checks that boats are being built within Class Rules but, very importantly, offers advice.  Please contact the Class Secretary if you are planning a rebuild or major repair work.

Now, something for those winter months.  There are some interesting videos on so, if you go to the website, search for the following: –

 “Norfolk Sailing Club Races” and “YBOD White Boat Training 1”

During 2018 I would like us all to help introduce new and existing sailors to the White Boat and the joys of sailing on the Broads.  Therefore, please offer to help your clubs with any open days, so that new sailors can be introduced to the Class.

Malcolm Kemp

At the meeting the Captain also requested that the local YBOD Fleets should try to encourage new members joining their particular club to come for a sail especially when clubs hold open days to encourage membership.  He also reminded Owners that it was their obligation to seek advice from the Class Scrutineers when organising repairs or maintenance. 

5. 2017 Accounts: See separate sheet.

David Talbot explained these and offered to answer questions but there were none.

These were proposed by Clive Gardner, seconded Peter Hawes and passed unanimously.

6. Nominations for Election to the Class Committee 2017:

Captain:                       Malcolm Kemp

Secretary:                     Heather Evans

Committee:                   David Talbot

                                    Geoff Evans

                                    Clive Gardner

                                    Paul Watson

                                    Paul Barker

                                    Mark Easton

Scrutineers:                  Maynard Watson

                                    Chris Bunn       

                                    Peter Hawes (Weight)                                                               

Sail Measurer:              TBA

Sailmaker:                    Jeckells

The Captain requested that these should be elected en block which was agreed.

These were proposed by Paul Dennis, seconded by Tim Frary and passed unanimously.

7. Class Committee points:

Feedback from the Weighing Working group:

A Weighing Working Group (WWG) had been established by the Class Committee to investigate the range of weights of boats which race regularly.  The WWG consisted of Mark Easton (Chair), Paul Barker and Geoff Evans.  The data obtained so far had been circulated with the AGM papers, and Mark explained the methods which had been used to obtain the figures.  Some weights were historical and had been collected over several years, and the remainder had been obtained at NBYC this year.  It had not been possible to weigh boats at any of the other main centres. 

Boat weights recorded had reflected the weight of the boat “coming to the line”, and boats that had been weighed in less than this state had had the weight estimated using standard estimated weights for missing equipment.  Mark displayed and explained the data collected and highlighted that the variation in boat weights was between 615 kgs and 725 kgs – a range of some 110kgs with wooden boats having a bigger range (87kgs) than the GRP boats (64kgs).  Mark questioned whether these ranges could or should be considered normal for a One Design Class of this vintage .


The Class Captain opened the topic to the meeting.  The discussion covered the following points:

  • Had it been possible to evaluate weight against performance. This had not been possible due to the large variation of influencing factors. 
  • That the difference in weight amounted to 15%.
  • That the extremes applied to “just a few boats” and the majority of boats fell within what could be considered “normal parameters” for a One Design of this vintage.
  • That YBODs were not all the same which might be expected for a design which was 110 years old.
  • It was important not to allow boats to become more different, particularly after extensive repairs.

An email from a past Class Captain urged to Committee to proceed with caution as the whole question had the potential to cause great damage to the Class. 

The Class Captain closed the discussion, thanking those who had contributed.


Construction drawings to assist boat builders & Future Rule changes:

The Captain explained that it was the Class Committees’ intention to review the Class Rules and try to make repairs / maintenance / rebuilds of wooden boats more straight forward by various means in an attempt to avoid variances. In the future only one Strongback would be used and the building frames fitted permanently into this to ensure that hulls of wooden boats undergoing repair etc fit this shape.  To further help Builders it is intended that some of Maynard Watson’s vast knowledge be translated into construction drawings with the help of Chris Bunn and Andy Wolstenhome.

8. Meeting closed:

9. Opportunity to discuss AOB: (items brought up here will not have been before all Owners prior to the meeting so can only be considered.)

The Class Secretary informed the meeting that the normal New Years drinks would be on Sunday January 7th at Wayford Bridge Hotel from 1200 to 1400.


Also the Secretary asked for a show of hands for those who would support a Class Dinner during 2018 to mark the Class being 110 years old.  There seemed to be a majority in favour.



Yare & Bure One Design Class        
Year to 30 September 2017        
Accounts Summary        
  2017     2016
  £ £   £
Regular Income        
Subscriptions 1,020.00     910.00
Interest 16.27     25.38
    1,036.27   935.38
Mould Project        
Build fees (142) 2,000.00    
Sail Royalties – Jeckells 280.00     430.00
    2,280.00   430.00
TOTAL INCOME   3,316.27   1,365.38


Regular Expenditure        
Newsletter, Postage & Stationery     70.98
Insurance 164.32     163.57
Socials / entertainment 150.00     55.50
Greenbook entry 70.00     68.00
Advertising 230.00     198.00
Load Cell calibration / repair    
    614.32   556.05
Mould Project        
Scrutineering fees     
Drawings    131.00
TOTAL EXPENDITURE     745.32   556.05

Net Income / (Expenditure)





Funds brought forward 14,081.62 13,272.29
Funds carried forward   16,652.57  14,081.62

Bank Balances

Mould acc 12,587.51 11,291.24
current acc 4,065.06 2,790.38
    16,652.57   14,081.62

Note: scrutineering for 2 boats still to be paid